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Whether it’s a web-app like Facebook, or a mobile app like TikTok, the possibilities are endless.

All of our apps are fully custom and created from scratch. Take a look at a few of the possibilities, and see why you should partner with Beta Booster!


BB UIUX app mockup.png
BB UIUX software logos.png

Taking the idea from your head and putting it onto a screen

The first stage of most websites is design and getting the idea from your head, onto a screen.

We use design software to visualise exactly what your website could look like.

This could be for clients looking to start from scratch, those looking to redesign, or someone who wants to test out what’s possible.

Front-end functionality.

Getting your designs into users’ hands

We focus on the lean approach to testing. This involves showing your designs in focus groups and making sure that it’s optimised for users.

We work with you to gather feedback, and then make any subsequent design changes.

This is typically for clients looking to test the viability of their idea and help users get a feel for the designs.

BB front-end app screens.png


BB MVP app iPhone.png

The stage of taking your idea and finally turning it into a business

Also called a minimum viable product, it’s the first major step in any startup. It’s where you demonstrate your idea and launch the first functioning version.

We support you get to this stage and have your app ready to be used by your target users.

At this point, many clients raise investment, get onto accelerator programmes and begin their first official iterations.

Back-end integration.

Scaling your app and building your team

After confirming that your app is viable and that people are using it, the next stage is to scale.

We support you with integrating admin panels and make sure that you’re able to grow, without any external support.

This includes use of softwares such as AWS, Firebase and Laravel.

BB back-end app Mac.png
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