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High quality, rapid turnaround website and app development

Powered by AI, Beta Booster is an award-winning website and app development platform. From designing, to building and launching, our AI system is already supporting a rapidly growing number of  startups with their tech!

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Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

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Tini James
-Founder of Aalia

“I’ve been working with Beta Booster to develop my app and I always know I’m in the best hands!"

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Dhara Shah
- Owner of Ripple Touch

 "It felt nothing but comfortable to express every element of what I wanted and I felt all my ideas and visions had been heard and fulfilled."

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Tom Furniss
-Founder & CEO of Keiro

“Beta Booster listened carefully to all my challenges and met them!”

The booster process

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Submit your idea or business

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We’ll use A.I to design your requirements and roadmap

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Our developers build the first phase of your journey

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Launch your tech and gather customer feedback

Award winning, scalable technology

Budget Friendly

No matter your spending ability, there’s always a way to grow your business.

Let us know what your business does, it’s goals and what your tech budget is. We’ll then work with you to develop a growth roadmap and the affordable tech to support it!

Low-cost, scalable technology
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Tailored and Catered

It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, an SME or an aspiring entrepreneur!

All of our technology is created fully from scratch and specifically tailored to your industry, business size, competitors and goals. You only have to tell us the challenges you’re facing, and we do the rest!

Working in collaboration with

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To deliver tech solutions

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Planting the seed of your idea (UI,
prototypes, basic functionality apps,
landing pages...)

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Growing your existing business through digitalisation (websites, full apps, e-commerce...)

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Using technology to help you grow (custom email systems, marketing videos, business card design...)

Our goal is to support businesses, no matter the challenge

Why Beta Booster?

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Working with ANY budget

No matter your spending ability, there’s always a way to grow your business.

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Start building today &
remove your need for a CTO

Finding the right tech person is time consuming! We support you to launch your business until you decide to go ‘in-house’

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Artificial Intelligence asseses
your needs

Our platform assess your business and what
the best growth channels will be.

BB Home Why BB (Cred).png
Allow you to gain credibility
in saturated markets

People don’t take email addresses seriously. We help set up with custom emails, business cards...

BB Home WHy BB (Roadm).png
Design a roadmap to meet
your goals

A roadmap will be generated to show your
current stage and how Beta Booster can help!

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Custom made technology

Each piece of work is produced from scratch and specifically tailored to your industry and goals.

Our experience

Combining credibility, a great work ethic and a love of innovation


Entrepreneurs we’ve


Pre-vetted developers
on our platform


Years of combined team experience

Client success stories


  • What sort of businesses do you work with?
    Anyone! Get in touch if you’ve got an idea, an existing business or a start-up looking to scale!
  • Am I Beta Booster ready?
    If you have an idea of what you want to build, that's good enough for us! Whether you're someone with a vision in their head or an entrepreneur looking to raise funding, we can support you. Once you're ready, our artificial intelligence can assess exactly what you want to create to meet an optimised development route. Our heavily refined process of turning ideas into scalable companies has been proven through our rapidly expanding client base. If you’re still unsure, check out some of our case studies and see what some of our other projects have achieved!
  • How do I come up with a business idea?
    ‘Solve a problem, where enough people would be willing to pay for a solution.’ That’s the foundation of any business ever, but if you’re looking for a longer answer, you can find it on our blog page!
  • Would my project be kept confidential?
    Of course! We get it’s your idea and you might want to protect it. If that’s the case, we’re happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements to protect you. Once a project is complete, we hand over all the IP/ Copyright documents so even we wouldn’t be able to use them without your permission!
  • Does my business need to digitalise?
    This depends on what industry you’re in, and what your goals are. Overall, we’ve found that 95% of clients see a full return on investment within 4 weeks of launching a website or digital platform. Our focus on low cost means that if you’re in the right industry it may only take 1 extra client to see a full return. For example, we launched a website for a barber shop which displayed their prices, location, and images. Within days, slots were being booked up and they were able to put up their prices by 35%!
  • Do we work with low budgets?
    Yes. Just let us know your financial capabilities, and a tailored roadmap will be created! Using an artificial intelligence system, we’re able to optimise your roadmap based on access to funding, meaning anyone can build technology at prices suited to them.
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