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Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

About us.

We’re removing the barriers of entry into tech.

Beta Booster is an award-winning provider if scalable and world-leading technology. Working with development partners around the world, we use artificial intelligence to examine your business.

We assess your goals and challenges to map out a rapid turnaround development strategy. Our typical clients are SMEs, new entrepreneurs and those looking to scale.

Founded by a serial entrepreneur, we know what it takes to start growing your business.

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Our values.


Every step of development is explained


We’re only 1 button away


We don't sugarcoat anything


We know what it takes

The team.

Worldwide experts, producing the highest quality technology.

Working with developers and design executives from around the world, we’re able to ensure that your project is handled by the most relevant person.


Handled by UK based project managers, you’ll be assigned to a specialist, who’ll support you fully along the roadmap. They’ll be responsible for meeting your needs and work with you to create the most optimal technology.

“I built Beta Booster to support entrepreneurs and innovation!”

“Having founded numerous startups, people were always asking how I scaled them without any money. Over the years, I started refining the low-cost tech development process and put it into a platform to support innovation.

Having scaled numerous companies and spending time in Venture Capital, I’ve been in your position! It doesn’t matter if you’re an SME looking to digitalise, or an aspiring entrepreneur. There’s always a way to grow!”

Anuj Ashar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A seriel founder.


Smart pricing.

Working with clients of any size

Anyone can build anything and with you, our artificial intelligence makes that possible. In collaboration with your project manager, a roadmap to your goals (depending on your budgets will be created).


This will outline the cost for each phase of development and make sure that each stage can be built within your budget.

Where are we?




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